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Advertising Like Nothing Else

Drone advertising is an innovative technology and advertising all in one which gives you the optimum marketing platform for brand awareness. Drone advertising provides freedom of movement and makes advertising fun and engaging. Our aim is to work with you to create the most impressive way to advertise your brand for success in the sky, attracting and holding the interest of onlookers and prospective clients. Drones can access many locations creating an element of surprise for the onlookers which holds their interest far more than any conventional advertising would.

Our Technology

After months of researching the commercial drone industry and the latest technological advances, our engineers have developed the ideal advertising drone, GPS equipped octacopter drone, that carries a banner ad, moving freely through the air and allowing people to see it from a large radius. The octacopter can fly ads in a variety of locations, including beaches, parks, festivals, college campuses, streets and freeways. Any public location where there are people is a place where we can advertise!
We are voraciously coming up with new and innovative ideas unique to your brand and image. We believe it is time for a change in the realm of traditional outdoor advertising! Our drone advertising platform uses the latest technological advances to allow our clients to advertise more efficiently.

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Get Noticed with Drone Advertising

Advertising is about being noticed and making people aware of your brand and what makes you unique.
People are excited by drones and so they take pictures of the drones and their advertising banner.
These pictures are shared with their friends and they are then displayed on social media.
People are often attracted to drones by the noise they make even before they see them. Sounding like a large swarm of bees about the land they instantly look up. We believe that the future of advertising lies in Drones and that the 'Sky's the limit, your sky, your limit'

Drone advertising campaign can go viral

Here's how it works:

  • To discuss the details of your drone advertising campaign please contact us
  • We can design and print your two-sided banner.
  • Drone advertising will fly your banner so that it reaches your intended audience whether it is at an event or public place. We fly at the most optimum times and at intervals to suit the events or area at the time. Drone advertising is only available during calm wind conditions. Our drones fly at a safe distance from people, roads and establishments. Never flying over anyone or any structure.
Drone Advertising
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Drone Aerial Photography for your Business?

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