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Some Interesting Uses for Drones

  • Real Estate Videos
    Spectacular video footage could give a property the edge and allow advertising to communicate the full potential of a property.
  • Banner Advertising
    Get your message out in a unique way.
  • Building Inspections
    Avoid the need for a cherry picker - get to those hard to see places.
    Keep those roofing people honest.
  • Resort And Hotel Advertising
  • Wedding Videos
    A unique perspective.
  • Aerial Surveying
    Construction companies often need an inspector to make a quick assessment of damage.
    Dams may be at capacity, or livestock may be stressed in drought conditions.
  • Conservation, Environmental Regulation And Compliance
    Is that mining company complying with documentation and laws - find out for yourself.
    It is often the case that strict environmental laws are only as effective as the enforcement of them.
  • Delivery
    Laws may be an issue here but onsite delivery is definitely feasible.
  • Disaster Relief
    Recent floods in Queesnland highlight how quickly
    Locating and dropping a life jacket.
  • Filmmaking
    Get the shot that previously would have required expensive equipment.
  • Pipeline And Electrical Line Inspection
    View those hard to get places.
  • Agriculture
  • Search And Rescue
  • Security
  • Sports And Events Videography
    Drones are being used in surfing events and many other sporting events now.

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