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Drone Real Estate Aerial Photography and Video

If your looking for an exciting, dramatic way to market your next property listing and make it stand out, then drone aerial photography is for you.

If your selling a house, large block, rural or acreage, commercial property, blocks of units or a development site, we can showcase your property to prospective buyers with the clever use of leading-edge drones and camera equipment.

Drone advertising specialises in capturing spectacular 360° real estate aerial photography and HD aerial cinematography using the latest, state of the art octocopter drones with 8 motors and 3 axis camera gimbals. These drones require both a camera man and pilot to be operated. This allows us to capture smooth video and take the best photos possible.

Drone Real Estate Aerial Photography

Our octocopter drones with mounted cameras will photograph and record video footage of your home and it's unique features including driveway, parking, swimming pool, outdoor entertainment areas, jetty, tennis court, balcony, manicured gardens, grounds and beach access.

We will also capture breathtaking 360° scenery around your property including mountain ranges, rainforest, trees, beach and rivers all in captivating HD motion video.

Drone videography will allow you to exhibit on a grand scale 'million dollar water front views' or capture a magnificent countryside landscape. Think outside the box and imagine how drone real estate aerial photography and drone video could help you to promote a large golf course or even a beautiful winery.

The aerial photography and video footage taken from our drones using various angles and perspectives will give you unparalleled visuals impossible to take just from the ground. Which can all later be shared on You Tube, websites and social media.

Home buyers are not only interested in the house, land and property but also the surrounding areas including proximity to schools, public transport, hospitals, parks and shopping centres. The distance to the beach is a big selling point if it's close by and you can show them using eye-catching HD motion video.

Drone Photography Birdseye View

Drone real estate aerial photography and cinematography will give potential buyers a clear indication and 'birds eye view' of the properties layout, general size, position of structures on the block including house, sheds and parking, location of trees, landscape, dams, rivers and creeks, surrounding structures, roads, distance from neighbouring properties, nearby amenities and an overall impression of the neighbourhood in more detail far beyond the property itself.

Show off your properties true potential by hiring one of our qualified drone photographers today.

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CASA Certified and Insured UAV Drone Operator

We are CASA Certified and Insured to operate under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority UOC number - 0194 with 20 million public liability.

Unless a UAV / Drone operator working within Australia is operating under a UOC that has been issued by ( CASA ) Civil Aviation Safety authority than they are working illegally and are subject to fines and are not covered by insurance. Its your responsibility to ensure the drone operator has a current UOC because illegal operators will not inform you.

When employing the services of a drone company, ask to see a copy of the following:

  • UAV Operators Certificate
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Controllers Certificate
Drone Advertising