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Drone advertising can be the perfect addition to your sales strategy.
Creating spectacular video footage of any property and giving unparalleled views of the property and its surroundings.
This gives both international and interstate clients greater confidence in what is being presented. Our team can create an amazing video, adding value to the property and showing the property to its full potential.


Drone Advertising specialize in making promotional video for Tv commercials, business, social media and websites, completed video edited with voice overs, introductions and special effects. We just dont make a promotional video and give it to you, we first look at your target market who you are trying to sell your product or service to age group, gender and where they live. The promotional video is than made to be suited and optimism to your clients.


Sport and sporting events are ideally suited to our creative approach. Visualise slow motion aerial footage of athletes or your favourite sporting event. With our new waterproof drones a variety of water encounters can be filmed. Aerial footage or a banner advertisment at sporting events gives a whole new angle to our most cherished sports, drives viewer engagement and can provide insights to trainers and talking points for commentators.

Aerial Wedding Photography Drone


When you hire us for your special event, not only do you get the touched up digital photos, but you also get an HD highlight video and all the RAW footage. Our team of experts will follow your wedding party from the Church, to the post ceremony, and then to the Reception. Maybe your special event is just a single location celebration like a Graduation or Anniversary Party. From dawn to dusk, Drone Advertising is there for you. Savor the memories in a way that others never have with an aerial video of your wedding! When it comes to parties, still frame photos capture wonderful moments in time - a drone captures the entire experience!


Aerial Marine Photography DroneJust built a new vessel or renovated one. Decided you would like images or video for your website or a promotional video. Drone Advertising have been around the marine sector for years and understand how to capture the best aerial footage for the marine enviroment.


Golf Course Aerial Photography DroneAn aerial veiw of your resort adds perpective at a fraction off the cost of hiring helicopters. Gets the best views without the high cost of alternatives.
Together we can create an irresistible images or promotional video of the best you have to offer.
Engage your clients with photo or video on social media a new promotional video with aerial shots of the golf course.


We strive to innovate on traditional forms of out door advertising with cutting edge drone technology adding new dimension to advertising and finding creative ways to captivate and audience our lastest octacopter flying banner drone can fly your business logo, website address and or phone number.
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